IcedID Banking Trojan Sample Technical Analysis and Solution

Date of Release: November 17, 2017


Recently, the IBM X-Force research team discovered a brand new banking Trojan dubbed IcedID. This Trojan was first found spreading in the wild in September 2017, mainly targeting systems used in the financial sectors of US. According to X-Force research, this Trojan contains a malicious code module that provides most functions used by current banking Trojans such as the Zeus Trojan.

This Trojan targets mainly banks, payment card providers, mobile phone service providers, webmail, e-commerce websites, and the like in the US, as well as two major banks in the UK.

NSFOCUS Threat Analysis Center(TAC) carried out in-depth analysis in the IcedID Trojan’s behavior, technology used behind and sample codes to provide a detailed technology report.


Please click here for the whole report:  IcedID Banking Trojan Sample Technical Analysis and Solution

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