Analysis Report of the XorDDoS Malware Family

At the end of September 2014, MalwareMustDie discovered XorDDoS, which builds a botnet that can be used for launching DDoS attacks. The main characteristic of the XorDDoS family is that it compromises the target host by brute-force guessing against weak SSH passwords and executes corresponding shell scripts to install the […]

Technical Report on Container Security (II)-4

Container Basics – Container Management and Application Container Management and Application The container technology has been widely applied in microservices and cloud computing not only because it is lightweight but also owing to such important factors as flexible and agile management as well as orchestration system support.

Technical Report on Container Security (II)-3

Container Basics — Container Networking Container Networking From the evolutionary history of cloud computing systems, the industry has reached a consensus that, while constant breakthroughs have been made to drive the maturation of computing virtualization and storage virtualization, network virtualization has lagged behind, becoming a major bottleneck that encumbers the […]

Microsoft Released September 2018 Patches to Fix 64 Security VulnerabilitiesThreat Alert

Overview   On Tuesday, Microsoft released September 2018 security updates to fix 64 vulnerabilities, ranging from spoofing attacks to remote code execution vulnerabilities. Affected products include .NET Core, Active Directory, Adobe Flash Player, Azure, BitLocker, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Drivers, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Graphics Component, Microsoft JScript, […]