Enhanced Threat Awareness Proposition

Author: Cody Mercer, Senior Intelligence Threat Researcher Network threat attack vectors continually advance in diversity and complexity. Attacks supplied through advanced persistent threats (APT) now spread very quickly and on a larger scale. Various IOT devices and other assets to include mobile/hand-held devices, desktops, bare-metal networks, web applications, and social […]

Shamoon 2: Back On the Prowl

Authors: Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst & Cody Mercer, Senior Intelligence Threat Researcher Overview From reports in late January 2017, the Shamoon malware is back. Shamoon wipes the disks of computers infected with the malware. Apparently a new Shamoon variant prompted Saudi Arabia telecoms authority to issue a warning on […]

Overview & Analysis of a Threat Intelligence Ecosystem

Threat Analysis

Authors: Richard Zhao, CTO & Cody Mercer, Senior Intelligence Threat Researcher Security Event Investigation and Threat Intelligence Over a year ago I purposed the three main tenants encompassing a successful Threat Intelligence framework: Define a system infrastructure for security event disclosure and case analysis. Clearly delineate security disclosure responsibilities to respective […]