EternalBlue & DoublePulsar – NSA Equation Group Breakdown


WANNACRY Overview  May 12th marked one of the largest cyber-security breaches in history. With the onset of a ransomware strain titled ‘WannaCry’ several variants have since  been re-engineered and introduced into the wild. Our crew of Threat Intelligence Researchers, Incident Response Team, and Security Operations Center personnel have diagnosed of […]

WannaCry Malware Sample Analysis


Overview The sample exploits the ETERNALBLUE SMB vulnerability or DOUBLEPULSAR backdoor for propagation and infection of the ransomware. The sample first connects to the domain name to test network connectivity. If the network is reachable the sample exits; otherwise, the sample carries out subsequent behaviors. Therefore, a reachable domain […]

Dridex – v4


Author: Cody Mercer – Senior Threat Intelligence Research Analyst Executive Overview A newly discovered modified version of Dridex, now termed ‘Dridex v4’, has been recognized in the wild in recent days. The upgraded version of the Dridex Trojan was at one time one of the most successful bank Trojans originally […]

Enhanced Threat Awareness Proposition


Author: Cody Mercer, Senior Intelligence Threat Researcher Network threat attack vectors continually advance in diversity and complexity. Attacks supplied through advanced persistent threats (APT) now spread very quickly and on a larger scale. Various IOT devices and other assets to include mobile/hand-held devices, desktops, bare-metal networks, web applications, and social […]

Overview & Analysis of a Threat Intelligence Ecosystem

''Threat Analysis

Authors: Richard Zhao, CTO & Cody Mercer, Senior Intelligence Threat Researcher Security Event Investigation and Threat Intelligence Over a year ago I purposed the three main tenants encompassing a successful Threat Intelligence framework: Define a system infrastructure for security event disclosure and case analysis. Clearly delineate security disclosure responsibilities to respective […]