Satan Variant Analysis & Handling Guide

1 Background In early November 2018, NSFOCUS discovered that some of its financial customers had been infected with a worm virus FT.exe that could affect both Linux and Windows platforms. Like the ransomware Satan, the virus spreads itself by exploiting multiple application vulnerabilities. However, this virus, after breaking into the […]

Technical Report on Container Security (III)-1

Security Risks and Challenges — Vulnerability and Security Risk Analysis Vulnerability and Security Risk Analysis As a specific implementation of the container technology, Docker is getting more and more popular in recent years. To some extent, Docker has become a typical representation of the container technology. Docker is based on […]

Analysis Report of the XorDDoS Malware Family

At the end of September 2014, MalwareMustDie discovered XorDDoS, which builds a botnet that can be used for launching DDoS attacks. The main characteristic of the XorDDoS family is that it compromises the target host by brute-force guessing against weak SSH passwords and executes corresponding shell scripts to install the […]

Technical Report on Container Security (II)-4

Container Basics – Container Management and Application Container Management and Application The container technology has been widely applied in microservices and cloud computing not only because it is lightweight but also owing to such important factors as flexible and agile management as well as orchestration system support.