Cisco IOS/IOS XE Software Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2018-0171)

Recently a serious vulnerability (CVE-2018-0171) was disclosed in Cisco IOS and IOS XE software. An attacker could reload an affected device without authorization, resulting in a denial of service condition or remote code execution. This vulnerability originated from improper validation of packet data. An attack could exploit this vulnerability by […]

Drupal Code Execution Vulnerability Analysis

Recently, Drupal, a popular open-source content management framework, is found to contain a highly critical remote code execution vulnerability, which allows attackers to execute malicious code on a Drupal site, resulting in the site being completely compromised. This vulnerability is assigned CVE-2018-7600. The root cause of this vulnerability is related […]

Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in ManageEngine Applications Manager 13.5

Recently, researchers discovered a serious remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability (CVE-2018-7890) in ManageEngine Applications Manager. Vulnerabilities originate from the publicly accessible endpoint, which can result in remote code execution when validating user-supplied credentials. At present, no official version has been released to fix this vulnerability. Reference links: […]

NSFOCUS Found Multiple Vulnerabilities in Schneider Pelco Sarix professional Cameras

Multiple vulnerabilities were found by NSFOCUS researchers in Schneider Pelco Sarix professional Cameras. These vulnerabilities included: CVE# Vulnerability Severity CVE-2018-7227 Information Disclosure Medium CVE-2018-7228 Admin Privilege Authentication Bypass High CVE-2018-7229 Admin Privilege Authentication Bypass High CVE-2018-7230 XML External Entity Vulnerability High CVE-2018-7231 Command Execution – ‘system.opkg.remove’ Critical CVE-2018-7232 Command Execution […]

Deep Analysis of Memcached Large DRDoS Attacks – China Telecom DamDDoS & NSFOCUS Jointly Released

Recently, many domestic and foreign security companies and agencies issued warnings about the Memcached Distributed Reflection Denial of Service attack, which aroused the concern of all parties. According to our monitoring, the peak traffic for this attack has now reached 1.35T. On Feb. 27, Memcached’s reflection DDoS attacks ranged from hundreds of […]